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Jun 3, 2015

Opt for Regional diet

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Super markets are really useful in a way that we get all the products required for household maintenance at one shot. They have changed the way people used to shop for different things at different shops. They have brought the convenience factor into play which people of this generation would love to explore/use.

We get both regional and international products at super markets. One need not have to say what the perception among people upon imported products is. Everyone reckons they are quality and pure ones. Our own regional products (Made in India) are however looked down upon thinking that they do not have sophisticated machines that can give a quality output.

But one thing people forget about imported goods is their shelf life. They are very high, in fact some might have taken months to reach the shelves. Whereas our regional products are fresh and hidden from the stardom. This is somewhat acceptable for non-food products. When it comes to food-based products we must carefully reflect upon this point. This is where people turn a blind eye.

We get lot of processed food in super markets in the name of Macrons, Noodles, Pasta, Ready mix powders, so on and so forth. Though we have the foreign vendors manufacture them in Indian premises, we must carefully explore their ingredients and nutritional information. Here is the recent case of a famous Noodles vendor going in a soup. Reason being they have high levels of lead and MSG. This is uncalled for and unwanted ingredients in a processed food. They are the prime reasons for causing cancer in our human body. The research has exposed this lately. But do you think people didn’t know the ill effects of such ingredients while making this product? Were they blind eye to this fact? Why to have them in accepted levels at all, if that is what the vendor is claiming as in the case of the above said one? Poison is a poison be it consuming a table spoon or ten table spoons!

Now let’s shift our attention to vegetables and fruits. We get export quality vegetables and fruits from super markets and other markets too. But when you closely look them, especially in the case of apples, they have a sticker stuck to it with some other country’s name. Even the vendor selling that apple knows how bad that apple for our health is. It has high level of preservatives applied to make sure that it travels all across the border for months and stored in multiple places/climate/environmental conditions before coming to our place. If we eat such an apple, we get many diseases which goes unnoticed with time. We all assume that we had healthy fruits/vegetables and yet we get ill and blame it on the pollution outside.

We can apply the same to all vegetables. We have lost the nutrient value of vegetables due to high application of fertilizers and pesticides. Affording Organic vegetables is also out of reach for middle class. Still some argue that those who sell organic products are also lying and using pesticides and fertilizers instead. This leads to a void on whom to trust and whom not to. Then we think about growing fruits and vegetables at home, which is not feasible for all.

Our daily diet should be divided into three. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I need not have to remind you how each should be since there is an old age adage to this. We are sacrificing our healthy diet to the likes of Noodles, Cakes, Burgers, Oats, Corn flakes etc. We do not realize that they are not of Indian origin and that we have even forgotten what our Indian diet consists of. How many of our households cook breakfast for us? How many of us eat outside for breakfast and lunch? How many of us have homemade food at least once per week? Thanks to this competitive world, it has given birth to TWO minutes noodles which comes as a boon to most of our folks to cook this unhealthiest of food and bill ourselves in hospitals within 10-15 years of time.
It is time to go back to basics, ask your grandma, grandpa, your old age friends and relatives what they have for breakfast. I am sure there will be some who stick to the ancient diet of Idly, Dosa etc. They were the best scientists to date. They knew that really needed for our body to sustain it without any diseases for 100 years. They are your best doctors. We must learn from them. We must stick to their diet plans. We must get their opinion on food matters. If you haven’t done it yet, I request you to do it right away.

Now a days even water is packaged, and people have forgotten about the tap water filtering and boiling it for consumption! Let us understand how the foreign multinationals are exploiting our life style to sell their products to support the medical industries. Let us not give a chance for them to exploit our future generation at least. Let us choose healthy diet, a regional diet that your forefathers used to have. Let us say no to Noodles, Pizza, Burger, Coke etc. Let’s bring back the good health. Are you ready to take the oath? I have taken already.

Live and let live!

Jan 27, 2013

Learning the way to live - Hinduism

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Now a days I have been keeping busy learning new things which connects me with my inner self. I am searching for answers that long haunted me. I am practising meditation and doing all the readings which helps me in answering the questions which have been troubling me.

In this field I am sure I will be successful. Praying and healing for the most needed is the best a Human Soul can do. I found this truth via my meditation. This Earth is troubled by violence, discrimination, threats, and lot  of negative energies. It is our collective responsibility to wipe out the bad energy and cleanse every human soul to help lead a better Spiritual life.

Spirituality is nothing but finding yourself, finding the path which leads you to bliss, to realize the ultimate truth. Who ever wants any help in this world mentally, I suggest that you guys take up to Meditation, esp which connects with your subconscious mind. Nothing else matters, all other meditation techniques can give you peace of mind, but there are things which you need beyond this. I am sure many people feel that they are cut off after a point where they reach a peace of mind.

I wish everyone a happy journey forward as we went past the much debated Mayan Prophecy 21 DEC 2012. Take care all, praying and wishing for you all! Happy 2013 and journey forward.

Jan 21, 2012

2012 - We enter

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There have been lot of hypes and scare surrounding the year 2012. Many people fear this is the year when our world would come to an end.

Some people rejected the hype as nonsense and try to play out the fears out of people's mind.

What I feel is that we are entering into the stage when the World starts to end from this year on. It does not mean that our world would end this year itself, but that the stage has been set for the world to end in about million years from now on.

Do not panic, and do not try to get into too much details. Speaking philosophically, do good and the good will come back to you ; do bad and the bad will come back to you even strongly. This is the phrase and belief which Hindus believe the most.

So please from at least now try to clear your mind from bad thoughts and pessimistic view of the world and try to bring in the positive thoughts. Whenever you will bad about something or some situation, try to cut that thought saying "No you are wrong. It should be like ***positive phrase***."

After all it is our thoughts that is driving this world and our life. So please make the most of the opportunity and keep your mind occupied with good thoughts. Let us bring in a world of positive thoughts filled with love, joy and unity.

Feb 24, 2011

Number Eighteen

Why is that number 18 has so much significance?
  • The right to vote comes at this age.
  • You are called an Adult once you attain this age.
  • You are an minor if you are less than 18. No not even 1 month to 18, you are still a minor.
  • Adult rated movies are for 18+ audience only. This and point 2 are mutually inclusive :).
  • You feel adrenaline pumping and your hormones raging seeing the opposite sex when you reach eighteen.
  • In Mathematics, Eighteen is a composite number (its proper divisors are 1,2,3,6,9).
  • Adding to the above point, Eighteen is a semi perfect number (three of its divisors 3,6,and 9 add upto 18).
  • In Chinese tradition number 18 signifies that one is going to prosper. Thus building floors numbered 18 are expensive in China.
  • In Northern China however, number 18 is to be avoided since it represents the 18th level of hell.
  • The Hindu epic Mahabharata has eighteen sections, involves eighteen armies and is about a war fought over eighteen days.